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Technical Writing Services in China

We know you’ve got confidence in the latest painstakingly engineered product you’ve developed. But how do you get your clients to feel the same way about your products? Communicating highly technical information to a wide audience is crucial for any business where the selling point lies in the technical details. Whether it’s for brochures, product documentation, tutorials, or marketing, technical writing requires specialized knowledge and strong writing abilities.

At HI-COM, we offer technical writing and editing services for a wide range of industries. Our vast network of experienced copywriters help you clearly communicate your product to clients and customers in China, and worldwide in over 40 languages!

Technical Editing Services in China

Oftentimes all your document requires is editing to really make it shine. Provide us with the content and let us know what direction you want to take it in. We specialize in making your product documentation accessible for the average customer, turning dry technical knowledge into engaging blog posts, ensuring technical support FAQs cover all the ground, and localizing content for Chinese audiences. We perfect the linguistic details to let you focus on perfecting your product’s technical details.

Technical Editing Services in China
Technical Manuals Writing

Technical Manuals Writing

A tool is only as good as its user. Technical manual writing makes sure your potential customer will be the best user they can be, allowing your tool to reach its full potential. You know making your product design intuitive is important – making your manuals intuitive is just as important. Technical writers specialize in making sure your manual allows users understand your product as well as you do to appreciate it as much as you do. As a China based company, we understand the importance of localizing your technical manuals for your target audience.

Technical Writing for B2B

In the B2B world, clarity is king. When your target audience already has a deep understanding of your field, your product’s technical information is where they’ll look to make their final purchasing decision. Make sure clients get the information they need where they want to see it. Strong technical writing on your product documentation makes it clear where exactly your product’s strengths and advantages lie. Localize your technical documentation for Chinese companies with HI-COM.

Technical Writing for Business and Marketing

Technical Writing for Business and Marketing Purposes

Make sure clients and customers in China “get” your product. Technical writing for marketing is clear and concise without sacrificing the important details, providing content that markets clear deliverables for your target audience. Depending on the technical content, technical writing can take the form of longform, short ads, or instalments of articles to best present your product.

HI-COM provides technical writing for blogs, case studies, white papers, webinars or webcasts, articles for trade magazines, website content, press releases, and other business and marketing related documents.

Technical Writing for IT and Software

Technical writers for IT services play an important role in bridging the gap between developers, product owners, and end users. Whether it be for UX, interface, or content strategy, our experienced technical writers keep your text intuitive for the intended reader audience. Only technical writers with prior experience in the field will be chosen for the role.

Technical Writing for IT

Why Choose HI-COM to Write Your Technical Documents?

Comprehensive Proofreading and Editing

All articles are proofread by our in-house editors for grammatical errors and spelling errors to ensure quality.

Plagiarism-Free Writing for Your Exact Needs

HI-COM guarantees our clients technical writing that is original and high quality, with a strict zero tolerance policy for plagiarism of any form.

Industry Writers Only

We understand that technical writing requires in depth knowledge of your field, which is why we only hire writers with work experience in your industry.

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