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How can HI-COM’s team help with China E-commerce promotion:


Chinese Market Study

We provide market research analyzing the competitor landscape, Competitor pricing strategies, and Social Media Communication benchmarks, defining local target audiences and their interests. Our experienced strategists will create a smart strategy to achieve your goals and to help position yourself on the Chinese market.

E-commerce store design

We deliver a fully localized e-store that represents your brand vision yet speaks to the Chinese audience. Whether on Marketplaces or Mini programs, we’ll take care of it.

Brand Localization for the Chinese market

We localize brands and communication channels (website, apps, social media accounts) for audiences in China, creating brand trust and boosting presence in the Chinese digital ecosystem.

Product description localization

It is important to attract your customers on a deeper level – a perfectly localized product description that they understand is one way of achieving this.

Brand E-reputation on Baidu

We build the trust of potential customers searching for brand names on Baidu and other search engines.

Review management

Chinese customers are keen to read reviews before purchasing any type of product. Lack of reviews can lead to lack of sales, especially for a new store. Here at HI-COM we provide genuine review collection and management.

E-commerce marketplace registration

We help brands enter marketplaces such as Tmall,, Douyin, RED and many more, taking care of registration from A to Z.

E-commerce promotion

Need more traffic to your e-commerce store? Look no further! HI-COM’s comprehensive approach to e-commerce promotion will help you bring quality customers and conversion!

Types of E-commerce Promotion in China:

KOL and KOC Marketing

KOL (influencer) marketing, was one of the major trends to emerge in the social media era. Naturally with the development of the market,  Chinese KOLs are becoming picky and more expensive.  Thus some brands are turning to the smaller size influencer: KOCs (key opinion customers) who are also very efficient in delivering results. In China, it is recommended to work towards two-pronged approach of combined KOL and KOC marketing, using KOL marketing to increase brand exposure and using KOC marketing to more granularly target specific consumer groups.

Need China E-commerce promotion?

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livestreaming marketing china

Live-streaming campaigns for boosting sales

HI-COM provides the live-streaming campaign development and implementation that is ROI driven and perfectly fit for your brand identity!

Livestreaming function is available with Taobao Live, Douyin, Weibo, Xiahongshu, Kuaishou and now WeChat (limited categories). To have the best results with your  live-streaming campaign in China, it is advised to work with Chinese live-streamers. These online personalities work with both commission based and production fee + commissions contracts.  

Need China E-commerce promotion?

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growth of the revenue of ecommerce livestreaming in china 2018 to 2022

Keep in mind that every platform has it own regulations to monitor live-streaming campaigns of different brands, thus not every product is suitable for live-streaming campaign in China.

most purchased products in china through livestream 2021

RED (Xiaohongshu)  and WeChat E-commerce Solution

Not every brand is ready to enter a giant like Tmall or JD. For these brands, an alternative approach can be taken: social e-commerce marketplace. Here at HI-COM we help brands to register on and build up attractive stores on RED, WeChat and other platforms upon request, that drive results!

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chinese marketing trends 2022 group buying

Group-Buying Solutions

The group-buy feature allows communities and neighbourhoods to place large orders together to get direct wholesale prices. These deals are accessed through WeChat mini-programs, and community leaders post links to various popular or on-sale products in WeChat groups. The massive discounts and communal nature of this marketing model have helped it become extremely popular in smaller cities across China.

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Driving Private Traffic 

As an alternative to the increasingly expensive option of paid traffic, private traffic (私域流量) marketing has taken off in China.

While most private traffic in the West is accomplished with blogs and mailing lists, China’s unique internet ecosystem has seen the rise of private marketing via WeChat. By setting up exclusive WeChat mini-program clubs and WeChat groups, brands can easily cultivate communities of consumers with share lifestyle aspirations. Private traffic allows brands to become less reliant on e-commerce platform search algorithms and give businesses the power to present their brand directly to consumers.

HI-COM creates a more intimate environment of closed groups allows for higher rates of CTAs than large scale advertising campaigns. In addition, by building a closer relationship with consumers, private traffic increases customer retention rates.

Want to learn more about driving private traffic to your Chinese E-commerce platform? Ask us how!

private traffic on wechat china 2022

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