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Social Media and KOL Marketing, Xiaohongshu Store and PR Management case study

About Departo

Established in 2019 by the founders of Yabu Pushelberg and Stellar Works, Departo translate ideas into objects.


WeChat Marketing

WeChat Account Management

Youzan (WeChat Store) Management

Xiaohongshu Marketing

KOL Marketing Campaign

Xiaohongshu Store Management

PR Management

To introduce the brand to the Chinese audience, we developed strategies to build brand awareness through varies of social media, EC platforms combined with PR exposure

What We Did:

  • Social Media Accounts Management

Through active publicity on Weibo, RED and other social media platforms, we have been creating a total of 20,000,000 impressions on these social media platforms within three months. At the same time, we have engaged with a total of 6,000 accounts through active exchanges and communication on these platforms.

See one of posts done by HI-COM for DEPARTO here!

WeChat and Xiaohongshu accounts management for DEPARTO

  • E-commerce Platforms Management

Through the promotion of the products on many platforms, the traffic of the products on e-commerce platforms has been greatly improved. Traffic to EC platforms reached over 9,000. At the same time, the product visit reached more than 11,000.

Check DEPERTO’s store on Xiaohongshu created by HI-COM here!

  • KOL livestreaming on Xiaohongshu

Organized the KOL livestreaming campaign on RED platform to carry out marketing and publicity activities for the products, and sold more than 60 products in the livestreaming of the products.

Livestreaming for DEPARTO on Xiaohongshu

  • E-reputation Services

We actively published product-related press releases on the Internet, with 12,000,000 page views, which greatly improved the product’s visibility in China.