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China’s Dazhong Dianping: English guide, 2019

As stated in our previous article, Chinese tourists are very easily influenced by the opinions of others. When traveling, they refer to their own “review and advice tools”, the king of which is Dazhong Dianping. Featuring similar functions to Yelp, it lists local retailers, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and other services. in China and abroad and it is the go-to tool for Chinese tourists. For example if a restaurant has a seemingly never-ending list of raving reviews on Dianping, the Chinese will flock there in their droves without any hesitation. Here is our Dianping English guide for you!

Kate CHERNAVINAChina’s Dazhong Dianping: English guide, 2019
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TOP Chinese KOL in Fashion, Food and Travel

They work with the biggest brands, they have millions of followers, they can make product lines sell out within seconds… and most of them are in their 20s! Key Opinion Leaders or ‘KOLs’ are taking over China’s social media marketing and creating a new form of “opinion marketing”. Today we take a look at five portfolios of most influential Chinese KOL, Chinese fashion bloggers, each working in different fields, and ask what makes them so special? What makes their opinion so valuable, what do they have in common and how did they achieve such success at such a young age?

Kate CHERNAVINATOP Chinese KOL in Fashion, Food and Travel
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