White Paper Translation – Banca


Translation of an ICO White Paper and localization of the website into 4 languages.

At HI-COM, the translation of ICO White Papers is one of our most popular services.It is thanks to our experience and know-how in this field that we have been able to meet our client’s requirements.

About BANCA:

BANCA is a company based on blockchain technology.The BANCA platform serves the cryptocurrency community worldwide.Its aim is to create a dynamic economic chain using artificial intelligence and a system based on expertise that includes automated management. The platform provides accurate services tailored to the specific needs of individual users.


BANCA contacted HI-COM to translate its White Paper and localize its website, with the aim of expanding its portfolio of foreign investors by reaching the Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian markets.

Project follow-up:

A White Paper is a marketing document intended to inform a generally professional audience on a given theme.It is also used to attract prospective customers to the company by offering them professional advice related to their issue.At HI-COM, the translation of ICO White Papers is one of our most popular services.Our rich experience in this relatively new field allows us to provide a comprehensive,high-quality localization service for companies promoting and working with blockchain technology.We therefore provided quality work to BANCA and supported them with the translation of their White Paper and the localization of its website in 4 different languages.

Our challenges:

Since BANCA wanted to locate its website in several languages, it was first necessary to find adequate resources, capable of translating, writing and localizing in an efficient and correct manner. With our wealth of experience in working on ICO, we were fully capable of responding to the request of our client by providing a team of professionals who were able to understand and translate the terminology specific to the field concerned.

Stéphane ChouryWhite Paper Translation – Banca