Translation of the website and the fitness application – CONCEPT2


The aim of HI-COM was to translate the website and mobile app for fitness company Concept2.

“HI-COM was contacted by Concept2 to localize and translate the website and mobile application of Concept2.“

About Concept2

Concept2 is a rowing equipment manufacturer based in Vermont, USA.
The company was founded in 1976 by brothers and former rowers Dick and Pete Dreissigacker.
The two brothers were part of the US team for the 1976 Summer Olympics and during their preparation, they had the idea to use carbon fiber oars to gain speed.
However, they were not selected for the team and so then founded their company and started selling carbon fiber oars.
The company is best known for its rowing machines with air-resistant interiors (known as “ergometers” or “ergs”), which are considered as standard test training machines for competition rowers and are the ones found in most gyms.
Concept2 also manufactures oars for rowing and air resistant rowing scooters and nordic ski boots.

Our Goal:

Concept2 contacted us to translate their website and their fitness application from English to Chinese.
HI-COM therefore mobilized its team of professionals to respond to this request.

Project follow-up:

Our company took care of the translation of the website and the Concept2 fitness application.
This project was a perfect fit for the expertise of HI-COM, so we entrusted it to a team of professionals.
It was first necessary to identify terminologies specific to the field concerned in order to translate them.
We then translated the website by readapting certain formats, as the Chinese sentences are generally shorter than the English sentences.
At HI-COM we always entrust the translations to native translators to guarantee quality and fluency in the results.
Our teams always remain available for our customers so that they can share their feedback and improve translation if necessary.

Our challenges:

A bad translation can be a source of misunderstandings or affronts to the cultural sensitivities of the client. This is why it is important to entrust a translation mission to an expert. HI-COM is a professional translation company, with experience in several fields. Our daily challenge is to provide the best quality translation possible, and we were able to achieve our mission perfectly, thanks to our team of expert translators in the field concerned.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslation of the website and the fitness application – CONCEPT2