Translation of the user manual – Micro Mobility


 Translate the manual of the MICRO SPARROW electric scooter.

“Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we were able to efficiently and quickly translate a 27-page manual into 8 different languages. “

About Micro Mobility

Micro Mobility Systems Ltd, more commonly known as Micro, is a Swiss company that invents innovative urban mobility solutions such as the Kickscooter and the Microlino – a small electric car launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016.  In the United States, its products are sold under the “Micro Kickboard” brand for trademark reasons. The company holds several patents for its products.

Our Goal:

Micro Mobility Systems got in touch with us to translate their electric scooter manual into several different languages.  This included German to English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, and Turkish.

Project follow-up:

HI-COM was tasked with translating a 27-page user manual into 8 different languages. Initially we had to analyze the source text in German and identify industry-specific terms. Our team then translated the manual for the MICRO SPARROW electric scooter into English and then into 7 other languages. We used native translators in the target languages in order to ensure that the translation was of a high quality.

HI-COM’s main priority is to produce an accurate translation by paying attention to every detail, which is why we assigned professional proofreaders to provide any additional support. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of technical translations, and the use of our technical tools such as translation memory, we were able to successfully complete this project and meet the requirements of Micro Mobility.

Our challenges:

The length of the source document was 27 pages which initially proved to be challenging. In order to overcome this, we assigned each language to a different translator and then combined all the translations into one document.

Technical translations can sometimes use specific and niche terminology, therefore it is necessary to be familiar with relelvant terms. Thanks to our team of professionals who specialize in a variety of fields, as well as our translation memory tool, we were able to overcome this challenge and translate the manual efficiently to meet our client’s request.

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