Financial and Accounting Report Translation – EY

What is EY and What Were Its Needs?

EY is a worldwide company that offers help assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax to their clients. EY needed financial reports translating to make them accessible to the non-English speaking people involved.


Financial Translation

Translated Documents

Financial Report and Accounting Report Translation


CN – EN / EN – TH / EN – KO / EN – ID

How HI-COM Helped

HI-COM processed 280,000 characters of over 40 documents in their financial and accountings, translating between 5 languages. This allowed the documents to be read by a lot more people than if it was kept in the original Chinese. Our accurate translation of the document meant that there would be no confusion between people when discussing the documents.

Project Highlights


Characters proceeded




Over 40 documents translated

Aslandziya AnnaFinancial and Accounting Report Translation – EY