Market Study. E-reputation Creation – Terra Andes

What is Terra Andes and What Were Its Needs?

Terra Andes is a Chilean leading honey company and benchmarks in Latin America. Currently producing more than 1500 tons per year, being pioneers in innovating is part of their vision and what has allowed them to export this exquisite honeys to all continents. Terra Andes works alongside 500 beekeepers, and has one of the most modern honey processing plants in South America located 50 kilometers away from the capital of Chile.


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Market Study. E-reputation Creation



About Project

When entering the new market, Terra Andes needed to research their business niche. The company wanted to present their research of bio-functional honey and a new for the market APF factor of the honey. Such product was never presented on the local Chinese market before, thus the potential needed to be research and analyzed. The research included general information about the import of Honey to China and the biggest players, other types of bio-functional honey on the market, interest in bio-active products on the market, competitor analysis, competitor communication strategy benchmark, social media listening, and more.

After market research was delivered, HI-COM’s marketing team started to work on the e-reputation creation for the brand. This included PR list creation, negotiation with appropriate media, copywriting of press releases and articles, publication and measuring.

As a result, the APF factor was showcased on some of the most influential e-media in the industry.

Kel YEMarket Study. E-reputation Creation – Terra Andes