Brand Name Localization – President Oralcare

What is President Oral Care and What Were Its Needs?

President Oral Care is a collection of oral care products from Italy. Brand has more than 140 items: toothpastes, rinses, brushes, brushes, dental floss, sprays and more. Designed by international team Initial PRESIDENT product range was developed by leading industrial experts from Russia and Europe.

When entering the Chinese market, company needed a localized brand name, which would represent the brand name image, fit the meaning and be easily recognized by the local customers.



Personal Care


Brand Name Localization



About Project

HI-COM localized the brand name from EN-ZH, to be appropriate for the new market. Service included benchmark of local competitors and their naming strategy, linguistic analysis of the possible characters for the Chinese brand name, uniqueness analysis and four final name proposals.

We also registered the new Chinese brand name as a trademark in China.



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