Multilingual Translation – BMW TOYS


Translation of multilingual technical manuals

Thanks to our experience and our extensive translation terminology database, we effectively translated technical manuals into 28 languages for the German automotive giant:BMW!

About BMW:

BMW is of course a German multinational company producing cars and motorcycles as well as aircraft engines since 1945.The company was founded in 1916 and is headquartered in Munich.
In 2015, BMW was the 13th largest producer of motor vehicles, with 2,279,503 vehicles produced.In 2003, the company signed an agreement with China to open a manufacturing plant in May 2004 in Shengyang, the industrial center of China, thus allowing the German company to collaborate with China.


The manufacturer BMW Toys called upon HI-COM to translate the user manual of its high-end children’s electric cars into 28 languages.
We then mobilized a large team of translators to meet the customer’s needs in a professional and efficient manner.

Project follow-up:

We made good use of our professionalism and know-how  for the translation and layout of multilingual print-ready user manuals.
The source document in English provided by BMW was 40 pages long and included 9,000 words.
Thanks to our experience and our extensive translation terminology database built up from similar translation projects, we were able to satisfy our client by delivering the final documents in good time, thus saving BMW time and ensuring linguistic consistency throughout the whole manual.

Our challenges:

In order to respond as accurately as possible to the request of our client, we used technical translators for the translation of the manual into different languages.
We mobilized a large team of translators to work on the 40-page and 9,000-word document in 28 languages .

Stéphane ChouryMultilingual Translation – BMW TOYS