Influencer Campaign (KOL)

#Visitspain with Layla


Attract Chinese tourists to Spain

At HI-COM, we called upon Layla, a KOL travel influencer, to entice Chinese travelers into traveling to various places in Spain.

About Layla:

Layla is an influencer (or KOL:Key Opinion Leader) specialized in travel ,with 61 thousand followers on Weibo.
She is part of a new wave of Chinese women who are seen to be “independent, cultured and insightful” travelers .
She first became known due to her divorce from a very popular actor and entertainer in China, and was able to stand out thanks to her unique way of traveling.


A Spanish Travel Association was seeking to attract more Chinese tourists.The association called upon HI-COM to create and run an influencer marketing campaign.

Project tracking:

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that relies on opinion leaders / influencers (KOL) to promote a product.These leaders may be famous personalities or everyday people, who specialize in a certain field and have created a base of loyal subscribers.This type of marketing is becoming more common, especially in China.At HI-COM, we work with a wide range of opinion leaders, so we decided to call upon Layla, a well-known KOL travel influencer, as w felt we was perfect for this project.

Layla traveled to Spain for a 5-day trip with her 3-member content creation team and visited 3 different cities.The aim was to create content and publish it on Weibo and WeChat to talk about her travel experiences and make Chinese travelers feel like visiting these places.
The trip was organized and sponsored by different travel brands, airlines, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.Layla had to put forward the healthy and practical aspect of her trip in order to improve the perception of the various brands, so that Chinese travelers would want to visit them during their trip to Spain.

During these 5 successful days of travel, the influencer had a great time experiencing the services and products of the various sponsors.It is worth noting that 80% of the influencer’s subscribers are young Chinese women , around thirty.Most have already traveled and have the financial means to travel.

Thanks to this #visitspain marketing campaign organized by the Spanish Tourist Board, and to the collaboration with Layla, more than 4 million people were reached and more than 1.1 million people engaged with the campaign within 5 days.

Project Highlights


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Our challenges:

In an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to know how to find the right influencer, who can work with your brand, bringing you exactly what you need.It’s important to find an active influencer, with loyal and committed followers.There is no point in using an expensive celebrity, because the “price” of an influencer does not guarantee success for your marketing campaign.At HI-COM, we know how to find the best influencer for your campaign, which is why the Spanish Tourist Board turned to us.Our challenge was to find a travel influencer, able to meet the needs of our client.It was also important make sure that the campaign matched the image of the influencer so that followers recognize their “brand” and do not notice the “commercial” side of the campaign too much.

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