Social Media and KOL Marketing – Aethern

About Aethern:

In the last decade AETHERN has developed a beauty revitalization product that earned trust of women all over the world. Recommended by beauticians of Hollywood celebrities, the product has entered the Chinese market in January 2021.



WeChat Management


Xiaohongshu Store Management

KOL Marketing/ KOC Marketing

Weibo Management


To introduce the brand to the Chinese audience, we developed strategies to build brand awareness through various social media, EC platforms combined with KOL cooperation.

What We Did:

  • Social Media: Through active publicity on Weibo, WeChat, RED and other social media platforms, we have been creating a total of 10,000,000 impressions on these social media platforms. We also engaged with a total of 5,000 accounts through active exchanges and communication on these platforms.
  • EC Platforms: Through the promotion of the products on many platforms, the traffic of the products on e-commerce platforms has been greatly improved. Traffic to EC platforms reached over 32,000, and the product visit reached more than 1,500.
  • KOL&KOC on RED: We convened KOLs on RED platform to carry out many marketing activities for the product, which has gained a high degree of attention. Also, we have also organized many KOCs sharing contributions on RED platform. These promotion and marketing activities created a total of more than 75000 impressions, product visibility has been greatly improved.
  • New Followers: We have carried out many marketing activities for this product on various network platforms and have gained a high degree of attention. On average, each event can attract more than one thousand followers.

KOL Livestreaming Campaign for Aethern

WeChat moments KOC campaign for Aethern

WeChat groups KOC campaign for Aethern

WeChat layout creation for Aethern

Project Highlights


People reached on Xiaohongshu in 1 month



Impressions generated from KOL campaign



Total impressions on WeChat, Weibo, and RED


Aslandziya AnnaSocial Media and KOL Marketing – Aethern