Advertising Subtitling – Decathlon


Translation and integration of subtitles into existing advertisement and educational videos

With our know-how and expertise, we translated and integrated subtitles into advertising videos for the biggest French sports and leisure retailer, Decathlon!

About Decathlon:

Decathlon is a French sports and leisure retail group, founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq. With 1,500 stores in 52 countries, the company generated annual worldwide sales of more than $16.8 billion in 2018.Decathlon has been operating in China since 2003 with 169 stores.


Decathlon called upon HI-COM to create and integrate Chinese subtitles into their information videos (product guides, equipment testing videos, etc.), from original videos in French and English.
We transcribed the original script, translated it from French or English into Chinese, and then integrated it into around twenty videos, including television commercials and product guides.

Project follow-up:

Seeking to enter the Chinese market and find more interesting ways to showcase its products and increase interest in sport, Decathlon was looking to add subtitles for its videos.To meet this demand, we provided video captioning service, by our team of translation and video editing experts.Our collaboration with the company has helped Decathlon to increase its in-store sales and strengthen the engagement of Chinese consumers on social networks.

Our challenges:

We had to write and adapt the subtitles to the different languages to ensure that each line spoken on the screen is perfectly transmitted in the subtitles,concisely, accurately and with good social and cultural connotations.

Project Highlights

FR-CN Subtitles

EN-CN Subtitles

Social Media Support

TV Advertisements

Stéphane ChouryAdvertising Subtitling – Decathlon