Advertisement Subtitling – Decathlon


Translation and integration of subtitles into existing advertisement and educational videos


Decathlon called upon HI-COM to create and integrate Chinese subtitles into their informational videos (product guides, equipment testing videos, game guides), working from original videos in French and English.

The process consisted of transcription of the original script, translation of the script (From French or English into Chinese), and then integration of subtitles for around 20 videos including TV advertisements, and product guides.

Project Takeaways

Looking for more interesting ways to display products and increase interest in sport, Decathlon  required subtitles for their informational in-store videos. To meet this need, Hi-COM provided a ready-to-display video subtitling service, making good use of its translation expertise in the field of sports equipment. Having their videos available with Chinese subtitles has increased in-store sales and social media engagement in CHINA.

Project Highlights

FR-CN Subtitles

EN-CN Subtitles

Social Media Support

TV Advertisements

Stéphane ChouryAdvertisement Subtitling – Decathlon