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Translation of Trademark Guidelines for Hotels – RADISSON


Translate presentations containing brand guidelines for hotels.

“HI-COM has translated the Radisson brand guidelines from English to Chinese. Thanks to our know-how and the attention we give to the customer and his request, Radisson was fully satisfied with the work provided. “

About Radisson

Radisson Hotel Group is an American hotel group. It is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA. The group owns 435 hotels in 61 countries for a total of 102,000 rooms. Since 2016, the parent company is majority-owned by the Chinese group HNA, but in 2018, this stake is sold to a consortium led by Jin Jiang.

Our Goal:

Radisson contacted HI-COM to have our team translate two documents containing brand guidelines for hotels.

Project follow-up:

The Radisson hotel group contacted HI-COM in order to translate two presentations from English to Chinese. The project was entrusted to a team of dedicated and available translators to best meet the needs of our client. This team consisted a project manager, a translator and a proofreader. Translation is our area of ​. Through previous projects of Radisson, we have acquired a translation memory that helps us translate documents efficiently and quickly, as well as reach high quality result. Thanks to our know-how and the attention we give to the customer and his request, Radisson was fully satisfied with the work provided.

Our challenges:

The central element of marketing translation is to convey and understand a message from one language to another. Our team of professionals paid close attention to terminology specific to the field, assuring the right localisation of the original message.

Project Highlights

Kate CHERNAVINATranslation of Trademark Guidelines for Hotels – RADISSON
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Translation of a travel brochure for the Chinese market -CLUB MED


HI-COM recently translated a travel brochure from English to Chinese for Club Med.

“HI-COM is on-hand for its customers in order to guarantee an A to Z follow-up of its work in order to ensure full satisfaction, just as we did for Club Med. “

About Club Med

Club Med SAS, better known as Club Med and previously known as Club Méditerranée SA is a French company, founded in 1950 by the Belgian Gérard Blitz.
The company specializes in promoting holidays in holiday villages around the world.
Since 2015, the company has belonged to the Chinese conglomerate Fosun International.
In 2017, 1.34 million customers stayed at Club Med resorts. China is now its second market, just after France.

Our Goal:

Club Med contacted HI-COM to translate its travel brochure from English to Mandarin in order to tap further into the Chinese market.

Project follow-up:

We translated a travel brochure and adapted it for the Chinese market.
Chinese consumers and travelers have a different way of traveling and different interests.
Club Med therefore called upon HI-COM to provide an impeccable translation, and we were of course able to respond to this request.
We entrusted the translation of the brochure to a native Chinese translator, who is perfectly familiar with the target market to ensure an accurate and localized translation.
We initially identified the keywords as well as the terminologies specific to the domain concerned, then our translator took care of the translation and the localization where necessary.
Finally, we handed the document to a proofreader to check the quality of the translation before delivering the order to our client.
As is the case for all our services, the customer had the option contacting us in case of a change in request or for any other questions.
HI-COM is always on hand for its customers in order to guarantee an A to Z follow-up of its work in order to ensure complete satisfaction.
Thanks to our team of professionals and translation tools, we responded to Club Med’s request in a highly efficient manner.

Our challenges:

When translating a document from one language to another, it is always important to pay attention to the target market.
It is even more important to pay attention when dealing with the Chinese market, which is very different from European and other Western markets.
This is why it is sometimes necessary to localize the document as well as just translating it.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslation of a travel brochure for the Chinese market -CLUB MED
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Translation of the website and the fitness application – CONCEPT2


The aim of HI-COM was to translate the website and mobile app for fitness company Concept2.

“HI-COM was contacted by Concept2 to localize and translate the website and mobile application of Concept2.“

About Concept2

Concept2 is a rowing equipment manufacturer based in Vermont, USA.
The company was founded in 1976 by brothers and former rowers Dick and Pete Dreissigacker.
The two brothers were part of the US team for the 1976 Summer Olympics and during their preparation, they had the idea to use carbon fiber oars to gain speed.
However, they were not selected for the team and so then founded their company and started selling carbon fiber oars.
The company is best known for its rowing machines with air-resistant interiors (known as “ergometers” or “ergs”), which are considered as standard test training machines for competition rowers and are the ones found in most gyms.
Concept2 also manufactures oars for rowing and air resistant rowing scooters and nordic ski boots.

Our Goal:

Concept2 contacted us to translate their website and their fitness application from English to Chinese.
HI-COM therefore mobilized its team of professionals to respond to this request.

Project follow-up:

Our company took care of the translation of the website and the Concept2 fitness application.
This project was a perfect fit for the expertise of HI-COM, so we entrusted it to a team of professionals.
It was first necessary to identify terminologies specific to the field concerned in order to translate them.
We then translated the website by readapting certain formats, as the Chinese sentences are generally shorter than the English sentences.
At HI-COM we always entrust the translations to native translators to guarantee quality and fluency in the results.
Our teams always remain available for our customers so that they can share their feedback and improve translation if necessary.

Our challenges:

A bad translation can be a source of misunderstandings or affronts to the cultural sensitivities of the client. This is why it is important to entrust a translation mission to an expert. HI-COM is a professional translation company, with experience in several fields. Our daily challenge is to provide the best quality translation possible, and we were able to achieve our mission perfectly, thanks to our team of expert translators in the field concerned.

Kate CHERNAVINATranslation of the website and the fitness application – CONCEPT2
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Game Localization – Akinator


Chinese localization of a video game

HI-COM helped Elokence to localize its online game in order to adapt it to the Chinese market, in terms of language, social and cultural codes, and also in accordance with Chinese government regulations.


Akinator is a video game and mobile application made by French company which launched in 2007.During the game, the Akinator genie tries to determine which fictional or real “character” the player is thinking about, asking a series of questions.The program uses an artificial intelligence program that is based on the best questions to ask through its experience with other players.The game became famous in Europe in 2009 and Japan in 2010 with the launch of the mobile version by Scimob, which broke records on the App Store.Since October 2017, Akinator has been available on Google Home.


Elokence contacted HI-COM to localize their online game to adapt it to the Chinese market .We have also translated their website and localized their app.

Project follow-up:

We helped Elokence localize its AKINATOR game and we ensured that the work we provided met the requirements of the local Chinese market, allowing our client to seize new opportunities in Asia.
The localization included the adaptation of the language, but also of the way the questions are asked as well as the addition of new relevant questions, new local characters and the re-adaptation of the game according to government regulations.

Our challenges:

Each country has its own regulations and China is no exception.When we located the online game AKINATOR, we paid particular attention to the government regulations, so that the application could be used and put on the market safely without breaching the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

Stéphane ChouryGame Localization – Akinator
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Website writing for ADEN


Rebranding of the website by highlighting the advanced technology proposals put forward by the company.

HI-COM helped ADEN change its brand image and create a new version of its website in English and localized it in Chinese, according to the commercial orientation desired by the customer and in keeping with the latest marketing trends of the business sector.

About the customer:

ADEN is a specialist in International Integrated Facility Management (IFM), at the forefront of the latest technologies.
The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and focuses on integrating emerging technologies into its services, including renewable energy, robotics and automation, new materials, asset management and technology platforms for the management of IoT facilities.
ADEN employs more than 26,000 people worldwide and is present in 25 countries.
The majority of employees (23,000) are based in mainland China, where the company has more than 1,000 customers served by 34 local branches in 5 regions.
Other countries the company covers include Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Guinea, Mozambique, Singapore and Japan.

Overview :

ADEN called upon HI-COM to help them change their brand image on their website based on a new market proposal focused on progressive technological solutions and new environmental tools.
We therefore assigned a team of professionals to the project to ensure that the work provided met the criteria of our client.

Project follow-up:

During the two months of the project, HI-COM created a new version of the website in English and localized it into Chinese, according to the commercial orientation desired by the client and in accordance with the latest marketing trends of the sector.
A content writing team consisting of a native English writer experienced writing marketing content, an English-language editor and project manager were assigned to the project to ensure smooth communication between all parties.


Total number of days spent:


Total number of interviews completed:


Total languages delivered: 


Total pages created from scratch

Our challenges:

Localizing a website is about adapting it to suit the language and culture of the target market.
A standard translation of the website is not enough; it is necessary to adapt according to the behavior of the users in each target market, and many elements must be taken into account, such as the visuals, the currency, the payment methods, etc. Therefore these challenges must be met in order to make this localization a success. We chose to create the website from scratch, after discussions with various people in the company.

Stéphane ChouryWebsite writing for ADEN
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Influencer Campaign (KOL)

#Visitspain with Layla


Attract Chinese tourists to Spain

At HI-COM, we called upon Layla, a KOL travel influencer, to entice Chinese travelers into traveling to various places in Spain.

About Layla:

Layla is an influencer (or KOL:Key Opinion Leader) specialized in travel ,with 61 thousand followers on Weibo.
She is part of a new wave of Chinese women who are seen to be “independent, cultured and insightful” travelers .
She first became known due to her divorce from a very popular actor and entertainer in China, and was able to stand out thanks to her unique way of traveling.


A Spanish Travel Association was seeking to attract more Chinese tourists.The association called upon HI-COM to create and run an influencer marketing campaign.

Project tracking:

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that relies on opinion leaders / influencers (KOL) to promote a product.These leaders may be famous personalities or everyday people, who specialize in a certain field and have created a base of loyal subscribers.This type of marketing is becoming more common, especially in China.At HI-COM, we work with a wide range of opinion leaders, so we decided to call upon Layla, a well-known KOL travel influencer, as w felt we was perfect for this project.

Layla traveled to Spain for a 5-day trip with her 3-member content creation team and visited 3 different cities.The aim was to create content and publish it on Weibo and WeChat to talk about her travel experiences and make Chinese travelers feel like visiting these places.
The trip was organized and sponsored by different travel brands, airlines, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.Layla had to put forward the healthy and practical aspect of her trip in order to improve the perception of the various brands, so that Chinese travelers would want to visit them during their trip to Spain.

During these 5 successful days of travel, the influencer had a great time experiencing the services and products of the various sponsors.It is worth noting that 80% of the influencer’s subscribers are young Chinese women , around thirty.Most have already traveled and have the financial means to travel.

Thanks to this #visitspain marketing campaign organized by the Spanish Tourist Board, and to the collaboration with Layla, more than 4 million people were reached and more than 1.1 million people engaged with the campaign within 5 days.

Project Highlights


Total engagement on WeChat and Weibo

(reposts, likes, comments)


Total reach on Weibo



Total Views on WeChat


Our challenges:

In an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to know how to find the right influencer, who can work with your brand, bringing you exactly what you need.It’s important to find an active influencer, with loyal and committed followers.There is no point in using an expensive celebrity, because the “price” of an influencer does not guarantee success for your marketing campaign.At HI-COM, we know how to find the best influencer for your campaign, which is why the Spanish Tourist Board turned to us.Our challenge was to find a travel influencer, able to meet the needs of our client.It was also important make sure that the campaign matched the image of the influencer so that followers recognize their “brand” and do not notice the “commercial” side of the campaign too much.

If you want to know more about Chinese opinion leaders, take a look at our previous articles:
TOP 9 KOL specializing in the travel market in 2018 ” and ” TOP 15 KOL Chinese specialized in sports, education, travel, skincare and health “.

Stéphane ChouryInfluencer Campaign (KOL)
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Multilingual Translation – BMW TOYS


Translation of multilingual technical manuals

Thanks to our experience and our extensive translation terminology database, we effectively translated technical manuals into 28 languages for the German automotive giant:BMW!

About BMW:

BMW is of course a German multinational company producing cars and motorcycles as well as aircraft engines since 1945.The company was founded in 1916 and is headquartered in Munich.
In 2015, BMW was the 13th largest producer of motor vehicles, with 2,279,503 vehicles produced.In 2003, the company signed an agreement with China to open a manufacturing plant in May 2004 in Shengyang, the industrial center of China, thus allowing the German company to collaborate with China.


The manufacturer BMW Toys called upon HI-COM to translate the user manual of its high-end children’s electric cars into 28 languages.
We then mobilized a large team of translators to meet the customer’s needs in a professional and efficient manner.

Project follow-up:

We made good use of our professionalism and know-how  for the translation and layout of multilingual print-ready user manuals.
The source document in English provided by BMW was 40 pages long and included 9,000 words.
Thanks to our experience and our extensive translation terminology database built up from similar translation projects, we were able to satisfy our client by delivering the final documents in good time, thus saving BMW time and ensuring linguistic consistency throughout the whole manual.

Our challenges:

In order to respond as accurately as possible to the request of our client, we used technical translators for the translation of the manual into different languages.
We mobilized a large team of translators to work on the 40-page and 9,000-word document in 28 languages .

Stéphane ChouryMultilingual Translation – BMW TOYS
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Advertising Subtitling – Decathlon


Translation and integration of subtitles into existing advertisement and educational videos

With our know-how and expertise, we translated and integrated subtitles into advertising videos for the biggest French sports and leisure retailer, Decathlon!

About Decathlon:

Decathlon is a French sports and leisure retail group, founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq. With 1,500 stores in 52 countries, the company generated annual worldwide sales of more than $16.8 billion in 2018.Decathlon has been operating in China since 2003 with 169 stores.


Decathlon called upon HI-COM to create and integrate Chinese subtitles into their information videos (product guides, equipment testing videos, etc.), from original videos in French and English.
We transcribed the original script, translated it from French or English into Chinese, and then integrated it into around twenty videos, including television commercials and product guides.

Project follow-up:

Seeking to enter the Chinese market and find more interesting ways to showcase its products and increase interest in sport, Decathlon was looking to add subtitles for its videos.To meet this demand, we provided video captioning service, by our team of translation and video editing experts.Our collaboration with the company has helped Decathlon to increase its in-store sales and strengthen the engagement of Chinese consumers on social networks.

Our challenges:

We had to write and adapt the subtitles to the different languages to ensure that each line spoken on the screen is perfectly transmitted in the subtitles,concisely, accurately and with good social and cultural connotations.

Project Highlights

FR-CN Subtitles

EN-CN Subtitles

Social Media Support

TV Advertisements

Stéphane ChouryAdvertising Subtitling – Decathlon
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Interpreting Equipment – HUAWEI Connect


Provide and set up professional SI equipment, interpreting booths, headsets etc.

Using expertise and innovative approach, HI-COM helps to provide, set up and manage the newest SI equipment for world’s largest key-note speech event, HUAWEI CONNECT 2016!


HUAWEI CONNECT is an integrated conference for the global ICT ecosystem. Over 15000 industry leaders came together to Shanghai to envision a Better Connected World, welcome the smart society, and shape the digital transformation of industries. The largest industry gathering in Huawei’s history, HUAWEI CONNECT combines Huawei’s Cloud Congress, Network Congress, and Developer’s Congress into a single dynamic event.

The biggest challenge

As an interpreting partner of HUAWEI’s event organiser, HAVAS Group, HI-COM was trusted with hiring, testing, and assuring the quality of the SI specific equipment, including interpreting booths, headsets, signal panels etc.

The first step for us was to assure the newest yet most trustworthy technology was used at the event, since the information was transmitted to multiple channels (6 language pairs). Second step was to assure the amount of headsets matched the amount of guests. To cover this large interpreting event, we needed to find and test more than 8000 pieces, install 70 infrared panels and have 30 technicians on site for the whole length of the event.

Facing 3 great challenges HI-COM assured the perfect flow of of such an important event.

Challenge 1

The biggest challenge of the project is to ensure good SI signals to cover the whole venue. Due to fire protection regulations, installation of infrared panels can be challenging. The project required a number of tests, adjustments and coordination actions. Finally, 70 infrared panels were successfully installed with additional equipment in place to strengthen the signal.

Challenge 2

Amount of hardware equipment. As per a limited amount of an 8 channel simultaneous interpreting receiver’s suppliers of a market, Hi-COM is one of the only suppliers of 8 channel receivers, and supplies of 8-channel receivers for simultaneous interpreting are limited.

Challenge 3

Providing an anti-loss hardware solution. At this event, Hi-COM recorded an extremely low number of lost SI headsets: 0,5%, minimizing the extra costs of the Client.

Project Highlights


language pairs




infrared panels







Stéphane ChouryInterpreting Equipment – HUAWEI Connect
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White Paper Translation – Banca


Translation of an ICO White Paper and localization of the website into 4 languages.

At HI-COM, the translation of ICO White Papers is one of our most popular services.It is thanks to our experience and know-how in this field that we have been able to meet our client’s requirements.

About BANCA:

BANCA is a company based on blockchain technology.The BANCA platform serves the cryptocurrency community worldwide.Its aim is to create a dynamic economic chain using artificial intelligence and a system based on expertise that includes automated management. The platform provides accurate services tailored to the specific needs of individual users.


BANCA contacted HI-COM to translate its White Paper and localize its website, with the aim of expanding its portfolio of foreign investors by reaching the Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian markets.

Project follow-up:

A White Paper is a marketing document intended to inform a generally professional audience on a given theme.It is also used to attract prospective customers to the company by offering them professional advice related to their issue.At HI-COM, the translation of ICO White Papers is one of our most popular services.Our rich experience in this relatively new field allows us to provide a comprehensive,high-quality localization service for companies promoting and working with blockchain technology.We therefore provided quality work to BANCA and supported them with the translation of their White Paper and the localization of its website in 4 different languages.

Our challenges:

Since BANCA wanted to locate its website in several languages, it was first necessary to find adequate resources, capable of translating, writing and localizing in an efficient and correct manner. With our wealth of experience in working on ICO, we were fully capable of responding to the request of our client by providing a team of professionals who were able to understand and translate the terminology specific to the field concerned.

Stéphane ChouryWhite Paper Translation – Banca
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