New Partner: INNTECH – Innovative Technologies Group

We are very glad to introduce a new partner of ours.

Whether you are opening a new office in China or you are expanding your existing one, you will probably need to set up a new IT infrastructure, email system, network cabling, etc….

INNTECH, with its ONE-STOP OFFICE IT SETUP solution, is on hand to assist you!

INNTECH is a small dynamic team of western and Chinese IT professionals offering international grade enterprise IT & C solutions for multinational companies present on the Chinese market.

They are a one-stop-source, built to provide enterprise grade IT & Communications services and supplies required to complete in the current Chinese business environment.

Their main expertise covers IT infrastructure and networks, IT consulting and maintenance, telephone systems and resolving slow internet issues.

Check out their website for more information at

Stéphane ChouryNew Partner: INNTECH – Innovative Technologies Group