Interpreting mission: Lutheran Education Queensland visit High School Affiliated to Fudan University

Thursday September 13th, HI-COM was honoured to provide interpreting support to Lutheran Education Queensland on their visit to High School Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, China to discuss their potential cooperation.

Lutheran Education Queensland is a department of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD), which is a school dedicated to providing affordable education in Queensland, Australia. His first school opened in the late 1830s. Their schools are mixed and aim to be both accessible and affordable to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Schools of Lutheran Education Queensland are focused on developing skills desired by employers in the 21st century – entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration, resilience and complex problem solving.
Fudan University is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China. It is located in Shanghai, and has four main campuses : Handan (邯郸), Fenglin (枫林), Zhangjiang (张江) and Jiangwan (江湾), which are under the same central administration. Often ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, it is the third best university in the national ranking and the best university in Shanghai.
HI-COM’s mission was to provide an impeccable interpretation service to ensure the smooth running of Lutheran Education Queensland’s visit to Shanghai and thus ensure the success of a potential collaboration between the two institutions. Since its creation, HI-COM has provided reliable and efficient interpretation services, supported by an extensive network of highly qualified and experienced multilinguists, and it is thanks to the many experiences that the company has been able to successfully carry out this mission.


Kate CHERNAVINAInterpreting mission: Lutheran Education Queensland visit High School Affiliated to Fudan University