Whisper Interpreting

Whisper Interpreting Services

Whisper Interpreting is when an interpreter is right beside you and translates the speech simultaneously into your native language in a whisper. The goal of Whisper Interpreting is to ensure communication between two languages through discreet translation, with minimal disruption to the meeting or presentation.  Whisper Interpreting is performed by highly trained, simultaneous interpreters without the help of technical equipment, and most commonly used during business meetings and negotiations, but can also be used for conferences and seminars.

Our Whisper Interpreters Are:

  • Native in the source language
  • Qualified and certified in Simultaneous (Whisper/Liaison) Interpreting
  • Adaptable
  • Presentable
  • Specialized in the target field (our interpreters are trained in technical, financial, medical, legal, fashion, manufacturing and other fields)

Due to the precise nature of Whisper Interpreting and the specific skills required, HI-COM uses highly qualified interpreters who are specialists in the field.

To understand the process of Simultaneous Interpreting, and why it is required to hire two interpreters for the same event, please shoot us an email

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