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The most common mistakes made when dealing with translation

When you don’t use a translation agency but machine translation or an inexperienced freelance translator, you can face many translation issues that can have serious consequences.

Indeed, you may ask a colleague, or to go to a machine translation website to translate a document or other forms of correspondence but many mistakes may appear which can damage the reputation of the company and the brand.

Here is our first infographic, based on one of our articles describing the 8 common mistakes companies make when it comes to translation.

If you recognize yourself in any of the situations below, you may want to contact us.

HI-COM has been a professional multilingual translation agency since 2016 and has developed a network of more than 1000 translators in more than 40 languages and has specialized in several fields for over 5 years.

translation mistakes



Stéphane ChouryThe most common mistakes made when dealing with translation

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