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HI-COM’s events in September

Some of the activities HI-COM was involved in in September 2020. Events in Shanghai, Guangzhou, some talked and workshops were keeping our team busy. But we can’t complain, each of these events were fun and educating!

Teranga Valley’s entrepreneur event: How to create, pivot and adapt during the current pandemic

On 1st September 2020, Teranga Valley hosted an event with a variety of entrepreneur guest-speakers on how to best create, pivot and adapt during the current pandemic. The successful offline event began at 19:45 and took place in The Office (669-1 Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai).

Teranga Valley specialises in helping worldwide companies to invest or trade with China and Africa.  The company also gathers current entrepreneurs and professionals to give speeches to motivate the new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Native French-speaker Stephane Choury, also co-founder of communication and translation company, HI-COM, discussed his experience of becoming an entrepreneur in Shanghai and gave advice and tips on self-growth and development. During his speech he also highlighted the importance of a good work/home-life balance and how it proves to be detrimental to work productivity.

Stephane is an accomplished French entrepreneur who arrived in China 10 years ago and began working as an engineer. He speaks conversational Chinese (HSK 4) and co-founded translation company, HI-COM in 2016.  He now resides in Shanghai and is the father of a 5 month-old baby.

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Simultaneous Interpreting Mission in Guangzhou

HI-COM is proud to have provided the simultaneous interpreting for Sanjiaoling Co Ltd.  The event was organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and La French Tech, and took place on the 23rd September 2020 at GKC Singapore Knowledge City in Guangzhou. There were more then 50 attendees at the Guangzhou event.

HI-COM supplied the equipment and supported the half-day mission by interpreting from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. The main topics at the event consisted of the Great Bay Area, advanced high-tech, and information on French and Chinese start-ups.

HI-COM is part of the French Business Service Center (FBSC) which is also part of the China Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC).

Here at HI-COM, we believe that effective interpretation goes beyond just language fluency, and is about understanding cultural nuances, speaking idiomatically and being experienced in the field that is being translated.

HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective Interpreting services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced multi-linguists.

Simultaneous Interpreting Mission in Shanghai

HI-COM is proud to provide the simultaneous interpreting for the 9th VDMA China Mechanical Engineering Summit in Shanghai, which is due to take place on ******.

At this year’s Summit, industry leaders will introduce a variety of customer industries relevant to mechanical engineering, and the main topic will be “Customer Challenge”.  During the event, they will explore new trends surrounding customer expectation, customer vs business partner, advice on how to best deal with changing customers, and the significance of  SOE customers.

Over recent years, a variety of industries have been undergoing tremendous transformations. For example, the traditional automobile industry has struggled as a result of new global players emerging and changing the typical consumer behaviour.

Whilst the current COVID pandemic has proven to be challenging for development and growth. In order to effectively respond to this change and manage a thriving business, companies need to ensure that they are appealing to new customers as well as retaining any current customers.

HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective Interpreting services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced multi-linguists.

For more information about this year’s VDMA Summit or for any language translation queries, get in touch today!

Guangzhou’s entrepreneur event

On 3rd September 2020, French-speaking business leaders in South China met at the Crowne Plaza, Guangzhou for the CCI France Chine’s entrepreneur working group session.

HI-COM’s Branch Manager, Jean-Christophe Roinné, and General Manager of La Medina, Aurélien Liénard, were the session coordinators. During the event, the 30 participants discussed their previous experience of becoming a successful entrepreneur in China, and provided support and advice to one another.

Guangzhou’s entrepreneur session proved to be extremely insightful and hugely successful to all those who attended. The “fast pitching” process, where each participant has to describe their project and need within 45s., has proved once again succesful. The majority of the participants were glad to gain so much visibility so quickly.

HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective interpreting services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced multi-linguists.

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