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HI-COM is going for a touch down!

We provided Consecutive Interpretation from English into Chinese during the NFL World Championship on September 25th (Shanghai) and September 28th (Beijing). The famous  former American football quarterback Peyton Manning, who won 2 super bowls, was there too.


About HI-COM

HI-COM provides professional interpreting services (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting etc.) in more than 40 languages. We believe that in our globalized and interconnected world, interpreters hold the keys to effective cross-cultural communication. HI-COM provides highly professional interpreting and translation services in Europe and Asia. 

At HI-COM we believe that effective interpreting goes beyond just language fluency, and is about understanding cultural nuances, speaking idiomatically and being experienced in the field that is being translated. 

Above all, HI-COM provides reliable and cost-effective services, with a network of highly skilled, qualified and experienced multi-linguists.  For more information, please get in touch. 


Stéphane ChouryHI-COM is going for a touch down!