Press Release Copywriting

Why is Press Release tactic effective?

Press Release writing is something every company needs! Press releases are a well-known tool to bring media attention to your business.  A well-timed and well-drafted press release about an event, special offer, or new product or service can generate invaluable publicity for your company.  Our press release copywriting service can create visibility for your website or business in industry-specific circles at a national or international level.

At HI-COM we create, translate and localize press releases for all companies from big brands to small businesses.

Press Release writing



What Press Releases HI-COM is working with:

  • New products and service
  • Exhibitions and shows
  • Website launches
  • Market research or survey results
  • Other company events
  • New clients
  • Charity involvement
  • Sponsorships
  • Office or factory openings

Don’t miss the opportunity to use your latest news to promote your brand! Contact our PR writers to help you out.

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