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Why could you require Email Marketing?

It is important for businesses to keep in touch. And even more – to keep in touch with your customer base. Email marketing accomplishes just that! Statistics show that more than 20% of people on your mailing list will actually read the newsletter you sent – and it is up to you whether you will convert those people into buyers or not.  A professionally created newsletter can be a powerful sales and marketing tool, as well as a great way to keep your customers engaged and informed.

Main benefits of a Newsletter/Email Marketing?

  • Fast way to connect with potential and existing audiences
  • Cost efficient comparing to other digital marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity to bring old clients back
  • Assure existing clients of your business stability

What makes a Professionally created Newsletter:

  •  An Engaging Subject line
  •  Attractive Content
  •  Conversational tone
  •  Effective and informative graphics
  •  Appropriate length and fonts
  •  Audience segmentation
  •  Mobile friendly

Just like any other strategies, email marketing evolves and changes with time and consumer preferences.  What worked five year ago, may not work today. If done right, email marketing can outperform SEO, content marketing and ‘paid per click’ advertising measures.

What does HI-COM offer?

HI-COM provides a team of copywriting specialists, including a Creative Director, Editor, Copywriter and Proofreader to ensure your newsletter strategy or your single newsletter is drafter to achieve its purpose! We offer professionalism, hustle-free project management and a competitive offer!

Want to learn more about Newsletters and how it can change your business?

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