Brochure Copywriting

Your brochures and catalogues are the main tools in your sales strategy. Whether its technical, creative or educational, your brochure represents your business offering. Needless to say, your brochure or catalogues need to be professional and engaging. Explore Brochure Copywriting Services by HI-COM!

Why does the quality of your brochure & catalogue matter? 

  • Your one-to-one consumer interaction tool
  • Costs less than other advertising channels
  • Lasts longer than most other promotional channels

Aside from design and print quality, one of the most important elements in your brochure is the content!

What makes a quality brochure?

In order to sell, your brochure or catalogue has to answer all possible questions of a potential buyer. Here at HI-COM we focus on the main aspects of a successful brochure or catalogue:

  • Unique approach
  • Memorable and persuasive tone
  • Targeted audience appeal
  • Logically arranged technical information
  • Call to action – directing consumers to purchase

Here is what we bring to the table for brochure/catalogue copywriting:

  • Effective marketing positioning
  • Eye-catching content
  • Native level professional language
  • DTP formatting of your design/template
  • Marketing oriented
  • On-time delivery

Who is required to write for you?

At HI-COM only experienced native speakers whom are skilled marketers and copywriters are qualified to work with you on your website. A good writer does not necessarily make a great website copywriting professional. To be qualified to work with our clients our copywriters have to:

  • Be a native speaker of the desired language
  • Have over 3 years of SEO Marketing Experience
  • Have a degree in Literature/Marketing/Journalism/Linguistics
  • Be based in your city
  • Have over 3 years of copywriting experience
  • Have strong industry experience in your field, with a minimum of 10 relevant industry-related projects in their portfolio

Here at HI-COM not only do we provide copywriters, we oversee the process at each stage to ensure you have nothing to worry about. We provide a team comprising a Project Manager, Copywriter, Editor and Proof-reader.

Our process:

Your point of contact is our Project Manager (PM) who will take care of the entire process for you. Our motto is: “efficient; professional, and easy to do business with!”

  1. Interview – our project manager and copywriter will take note of your needs at a kick-off meeting
  2. Benchmark – our copywriter will carry out market research to make sure your brochure or catalogue stands out from your competitors
  3. Design – our copywriter will talk to your design team to ensure the copy will fit with existing brochures and marketing collateral
  4. Draft delivery – after editorial checks, our copywriter will deliver the draft to our PM, and you will receive the first draft with an opportunity to provide feedback. Our PM will explain the marketing strategies we used in your copy, if you are not familiar with them.
  5. Review – our copywriter will improve the copy according to your comments, and you will receive the second draft
  6. Final copy – if more changes are needed, we will perfect the copy. Our goal is to deliver a brochure you love, which is a hit with your customers, and one your business will benefit from.

Your success is our success!

Stéphane ChouryBrochure Copywriting