Article Copywriting

Why do you need content/articles native English or native Chinese copywriting?

Blogs and online magazines/publications are a key way of keeping your audience updated and keeping your brand or company relevant.  Here are a few reasons why you should create and maintain a blog on your website, as well as share your articles with other online publicaitons:

  • Build on online audience
  • Engage your potential customer
  • Retain your current customer base
  • Share your news with the world
  • Create and build brand awareness
  • Increase your web traffic
  • Build your reputation
  • Foster trust and credibility within your field
  • Convert to sales

A professional looking, search engine optimised native English or native Chinese articles with useful and engaging content will work wonders for your business, opening a virtual door into a digital world of potential costumers!

What articles delivers results?

There are 3 rules of creating a good article:

  • Valuable content
  • SEO optimisation
  • Outreach to potential PR publications

What do we offer:

  • One-off or series blog post writing: We can create a single Native English/ Native Chinese Copywriting for your blog post or create a series of blog posts to be posted frequently, depending on your needs and budget.
  • Ideas: We create a list with ideas for your blog posts/campaign that will work in your niche (monthly/quarterly/yearly). Our English Copywriters will work closely with the Chinese Copywriters to collect ideas that will work for many more markets, than China and USA!
  • Publishing channels: We create a full planning including “ideas + publishing channel + publishing time” for a long-term project (monthly/quarterly/yearly).
  • Multimedia (infographics, customized images, podcasts, etc.) – want to make your article more fun? We provide extra materials for you as per your request.
  • Social media management: if needed, we can manage all the points above on your behalf. Our team of English copywriters and Chinese copywriters will manage copywriting projects of any difficulty.
  • Article/Social Media Localisation: we recreate your posts for your foreign markets. Thinking of posting your content on your foreign websites? We will transcreate and localise your content to any language.

Who is qualified to write for you?

To be qualified to work with our clients our copywriters have to:

  • Be a native speaker of required language
  • Have 3 years + of SEO Marketing experience
  • Have a degree in Literature/Marketing/Journalism/Linguistics
  • Have 3 years + of copywriting experience
  • Be an industry specialist in your industry, with a minimum of 10 relevant projects in your portfolio

Here at HI-COM we not only provide a copywriter, but also an editor and proof-reader to ensure your content is of a high quality and professional.

Our process:

We provide a team of professionals.  Your dedicated Project Manager (PM) will oversee the process for you, allowing you to focus on your main business. Our motto is: “efficient; professional; easy to do business with!”

  • Interview – our project manager and copywriter will understand your needs at a kick-off meeting/call.
  • Research – our copywriter will carry out industry research to create content that is current, relevant to your industry and that will engage your desired audience
  • Draft delivery – after editorial checks, and you will receive the first draft and have an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Review – after revisions and reviews, our copywriter and editor will improve the copy according to your comments, and you will receive the final draft.

Our goal is to deliver the blog content that will keep your readers and customer base engaged and informed, and keep your business relevant in the competitive market space.

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