What is the second most spoken language?

Tonnes of articles have covered the subject of the most spoken language in each country, but not so many go into more detail and  talk about the second most spoken language in each country. According to reports, almost half the world is bilingual. Colonisation, borders and immigration have been some contributing factors to a second language being spoken in some countries. Unsurprisingly, English is the most spoken second language worldwide with it being spoken in 55 countries. French comes second (14 countries) and Russian third (13 countries).

Kate CHERNAVINAWhat is the second most spoken language?
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Happy New Year From HI-COM

HI-COM wishes you a Happy New Year!

With 2019 drawing to a close, we look back and reflect on the great year we have had and give you our season’s greetings.

HI-COM has had the pleasure of working with many great businesses with the aim to help them elevate their business in China and out of China. We have had the chance to extend and develop even more in the following areas; translation, interpreting, copywriting and KOL marketing.

Kate CHERNAVINAHappy New Year From HI-COM
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Rugby World Cup Language Guide

The holy grail of all Rugby events is happening this weekend and we are all super excited. You have guessed it, it’s the Rugby world cup final in Japan! This Saturday, England will play against South Africa to see who will conquer and become the 2019 Rugby world cup champions.

Kate CHERNAVINARugby World Cup Language Guide
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How to register ISBN in China

More and more international authors are looking to enter the Chinese literature and press market. Today we will go through some of the differences in the ISBN registration process in China in relation to the West, and what it takes to get your ISBN in China.

Stéphane ChouryHow to register ISBN in China
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How to register a company in China in 2019

As one of the most powerful economic players in the world and its largest manufacturer, China attracts many foreign entrepreneurs and investors. In this article, we will share with you the process of starting a business in China and how to register a company as an expatriate, taking into consideration factors such as formalities, procedures and the necessary documentation required.

Kate CHERNAVINAHow to register a company in China in 2019
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Guide to High Valyrian – Game Of Thrones

So your brother gave you a big egg for your birthday? And without doing it deliberately, did you let it hatch, and now you find yourself with a dragon ? Don’t panic ! Come and see the Targaryen people, they will help you. Here at HI-COM, we have prepared a little guide for you on the basics of High Valyrian so you can impress your future family!

Kate CHERNAVINAGuide to High Valyrian – Game Of Thrones
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Fun Trivia Night by HI-COM

HI-COM was proud to organise a fun trivia night (quiz game), that tested participants’ knowledge of China’s technological development, content localization, and China’s digital activities in general! It was a fun and interesting evening, which was followed by an hour or two of networking.

Kate CHERNAVINAFun Trivia Night by HI-COM
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