How to register ISBN in China

More and more international authors are looking to enter the Chinese literature and press market. Today we will go through some of the differences in the ISBN registration process in China in relation to the West, and what it takes to get your ISBN in China.

Stéphane ChouryHow to register ISBN in China
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How to register a company in China in 2019

As one of the most powerful economic players in the world and its largest manufacturer, China attracts many foreign entrepreneurs and investors. In this article, we will share with you the process of starting a business in China and how to register a company as an expatriate, taking into consideration factors such as formalities, procedures and the necessary documentation required.

Maïwenn Cottier-GarinHow to register a company in China in 2019
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Guide to High Valyrian – Game Of Thrones

So your brother gave you a big egg for your birthday? And without doing it deliberately, did you let it hatch, and now you find yourself with a dragon ? Don’t panic ! Come and see the Targaryen people, they will help you. Here at HI-COM, we have prepared a little guide for you on the basics of High Valyrian so you can impress your future family!

RobertGuide to High Valyrian – Game Of Thrones
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How to survive with the Dothraki people

Have you ever wondered what to do if you find yourself among the Dothraki people? Don’t panic! HI-COM has prepared a short survival guide for you to help you learn the basics of the language of this nomadic people from Game of Thrones!

RobertHow to survive with the Dothraki people
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Simultaneous Interpreting Mission for Sport Summit 2018

Simultaneous Interpreting Mission for Australian Chamber of Commerce. The Australian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai once again brought together sport industry professionals for the 2nd Annual Australia-China Sports Summit, on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 October 2018 in Shanghai

Kate CHERNAVINASimultaneous Interpreting Mission for Sport Summit 2018
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Fun Trivia Night by HI-COM

HI-COM was proud to organise a fun trivia night (quiz game), that tested participants’ knowledge of China’s technological development, content localization, and China’s digital activities in general! It was a fun and interesting evening, which was followed by an hour or two of networking.

Alexandre QUINCÉFun Trivia Night by HI-COM
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Aromababy: Australian brand that knows how to use Chinese KOL!

When a brand sees the vast opportunities to go global with their product, it is an exciting step.  Often however, it is a step into the unknown and comes with considerable risk.  But as they saying goes, no risk, no reward.  Today, HI-COM has a chat with one successful Australian entrepreneur, Catherine Cervasio, who saw the opportunity in China to market her luxury organic babycare products, Aromababy.  We hear about her story, what she’s learned and advice she would give others. It is one Australian brand Success KOL Story in China that makes us wow!

Kate CHERNAVINAAromababy: Australian brand that knows how to use Chinese KOL!
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Rising KOL of China in Fashion and Travel

We are now seeing brands move away from ‘super’ KOLs, whose follower numbers are in the millions. There is a suspicion of ‘fake follower numbers’ as well as a view that their followers are not actually that engaged or loyal, meaning there will be less of an influence. These days, brands are focusing more on the KOLs who appear to have a more genuine followership; a more real connection to their followers. While their follower numbers may not be as high as those of the ‘top KOLs’ of China, these lesser known (and less expensive) KOLs have a more genuine connection with their follower base, meaning more influence and impact for KOL campaigns.

Nick MIAORising KOL of China in Fashion and Travel
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When Good Brands Go Bad: Localization Gone Wrong

Any smart business with a scalable product or service has China market expansion on the agenda.  For every success story of a foreign company who has survived and thrived in the notoriously challenging Chinese market, there are those who have failed.  Today we use a case study to look at what can go wrong, and what we can learn.

Jennifer CADLERWhen Good Brands Go Bad: Localization Gone Wrong
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