NAATI Translation: where to find a certified translator?

What is “NAATI” certificate? Every question about NAATI translation answered! If you’re a non-Australian resident, and wish to work or live in Australia, or simply want to visit and go on your own Australian “roadie”, driving around the scenic coastal landscapes, there are certain steps you’ll need to take.

Nick MIAONAATI Translation: where to find a certified translator?
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Car Wars: DiDi vs. Meituan DaChe

What’s going on with all those generous prices for taxi services in Shanghai? You’ve probably noticed that DIDI (the copycat and then the partner of Uber), has lowered its average taxi prices to as low as 0.5 USD per trip! Wondering what happened? Do the taxi drivers benefit from this deal? Today we took a look at Chinese media, and also interviewed a few drivers to shed more light on the topic!

Nick MIAOCar Wars: DiDi vs. Meituan DaChe
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Rising KOL of China in Fashion and Travel

We are now seeing brands move away from ‘super’ KOLs, whose follower numbers are in the millions. There is a suspicion of ‘fake follower numbers’ as well as a view that their followers are not actually that engaged or loyal, meaning there will be less of an influence. These days, brands are focusing more on the KOLs who appear to have a more genuine followership; a more real connection to their followers. While their follower numbers may not be as high as those of the ‘top KOLs’ of China, these lesser known (and less expensive) KOLs have a more genuine connection with their follower base, meaning more influence and impact for KOL campaigns.

Nick MIAORising KOL of China in Fashion and Travel
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