About us

We provide a variety of language based services, to ensure your communication is clear and effective! Professional localization and translation services that are perfectly suited to your industry. HI-COM is your trusted partner for legal document translation services, working with hundreds of professional certified translators and localization experts! We also provide full support for Chinese Social Media marketing!

Our story

HI-COM was founded in early 2016 by two former business colleagues, Stéphane Choury and Robert Harrison, who at the time had accumulated over 20 years of translation industry experience between them in the UK, France, Hong Kong, and China. They wanted to create a fresh new kind of language provider, one that not only focused on service, quality and solid, long lasting customer relationships, but one that was also ready to adapt to the fast paced business environments and new technologies and trends of younger and more dynamic markets.

Almost five years later, and the results are certainly  there to see. Multilingual language services such as translation, proofreading and interpreting remain HI-COM’s core activities, but as the once clear distinction between these services and those of other sectors starts to disappear, HI-COM finds itself in good shape for today’s global web-driven age, ensuring its clients stay relevant in the ever changing world of social media, digital marketing, and mobile technology.

Leader team

Kate Chernavina Marketing Director

Robert Harrison Head of Production

Helen Sun Finance Director

Production Team

Ming Cheng Project Manager

Luke Wang Project Manager

Krissy Shi Project Manager

Kel Ye Designer

Sales Team

Lucille De Cassan Business Director

Mathias Munoz Business Development Manager

Jean-Christophe Roinné Sales Manager, South China Region

Nick Miao Business Development Manager

Marketing Team

Kate Chernavina Marketing Director

Olivia Liu Digital Marketing Manager

Kel Ye Designer

Guide to Chinese cross border platforms in 2020

Guide to Chinese cross border platforms in 2020

Find out where Chinese consumers are spending money in a time where overseas shopping has become the norm! Besides Xiaohongshu, which other Chinese cross border platforms are people using when shopping online for overseas products in China?  If an overseas brand has not entered the Chinese market for a long time, is it because it has

HI COM events in september

HI-COM’s events in September

Some of the activities HI-COM was involved in in September 2020. Events in Shanghai, Guangzhou, some talked and workshops were keeping our team busy. But we can’t complain, each of these events were fun and educating!

4 Industries That Need Professional Translators In 2020

4 Industries That Need Professional Translators In 2020

Your industries is in need for professional translators? Despite the extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic has damaged the travel and tourism industries, the world is still more keenly connected than ever before. It’s all due to the availability and reliability of internet infrastructure (supported by widespread digital training). Within a few seconds, almost anyone