On-Site Interpreting

Don’t worry, we will come to you!

Our interpreters are available to come to your location for face-to-face interpreting, whether it is simultaneous or consecutive services required.

When is Consecutive Interpreting used?

Consecutive Interpreting typically takes place in meetings, open court, medical appointments or staff trainings.  It requires skilled and experience interpreters who are able to receive, remember key points and convey a translated speech or message that can sometimes be 1-5 minutes long.

When is Simultaneous Interpreting used?

Simultaneous Interpreting takes place in conferences, seminars, large corporate meeting. HI-COM has a wealth of experience providing both the equipment and interpreters for large and small corporate events.


HI-COM specializes in providing high-quality and reliable on-site interpretation services and we work to ensure language does not pose any barriers to your presentation, training or negotiation.  Our interpreters are experienced in various industry sectors and have all received professional qualifications in translating and interpretation.

Stéphane ChouryOn-Site Interpreting