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With content’s shift to video, many of our clients ask whether they should still pay attention to written content? Even if visuals attract the attention of your audience, written content will always be powerful mediums and particularly effective for search engines.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is not only about making search engines love you and rank you at the top of searches, it is also about creating attractive content that reads well, creates leads, and is shared in your business circles.

When talking about SEO copywriting, we talk about striking a balance between the machine and the human reader.  It requires special skills and knowledge of the audience you are trying to reach, the keywords they will search for, and the content that will resonate with them.

SEO copywriting will use different keywords from region to region, and from culture to culture.  To take a simple example, “pants” in the USA will be far more widely used than “trousers”; however, in the UK, “pants” will mean “underpants”.  It is important to have a clear SEO strategy that is localized for the target audience.

Here at HI-COM we provide localized SEO copywriting services that targets the most widely used terms or keywords in your region.

SEO Copywriting Services we offer

  • Website Copy: From tech to service – we create SEO content for businesses in all industries.
  • Blogs: Creating interesting and informative articles that will give your customers a reason to come back.
  • Press Releases: News channels, RSS feeds and more; we create press releases that get attention.
  • Newsletters: Products, services, and specials – your audience needs to be updated on your business, and we know how!
  • Product Specification: When writing a specification for your products we engage your audience and we ensure the content is search engine optimized.

What deserves extra attention:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image Alt Text
  • Amount of words per page

Who is qualified to write for you?

At HI-COM only experienced marketers and copywriters whom are native speakers of the required language are qualified to work with you on your website:

  • Native speaker of your required language
  • Have > 3 years of SEO Marketing Experience
  • Have a degree in Literature/Marketing/Journalism/Linguistics
  • Have > 3 years of copywriting experience
  • Have a minimum of 10 relevant projects within your niche in their portfolio

Here at HI-COM we have thorough quality control process and undertake our work in stages, managed by a Project Manager.  As well as a copywriter and Project Manager, we provide an Editor and Proof-reader to ensure the end result is professional and faultless.

Our process:

We provide a team of professionals.  Your dedicated Project Manager will oversee the process for you, allowing you to focus on your main business.

Our motto is: “efficient; professional; easy to do business with!”

  1. Interview – our project manager and copywriter will listen to you closely to understand your needs at a kick-off meeting or phone call
  2. Benchmark – our copywriter will do research to make sure your website content stands out from competition and determine what the optimized key-words are for your industry
  3. Design and branding– our copywriter will talk to your design and branding teams to ensure the copy will fit your website and is aligned with your brand strategy
  4. Draft delivery – after our copywriter and editor’s input, we will deliver the draft to you, to give you an opportunity for feedback. Our PM will introduce the marketing strategies we used in your copy so you can understand how your website content will now be search engine optimized.
  5. Review – our copywriter will modify the copy based on your feedback, if any, and you will receive the second draft
  6. Final copy – if more changes are needed, we will perfect the copy. Our goal is to deliver content you love, that engages your customers, and ultimately benefits your business.

Contact HI-COM today and learn more about improving your website.

Your success is our success!

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